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YOU can interview Alan Wilder!!!!!!

Exclusive interview with Alan Wilder! And you get to ask the questions!

One of the things we like to do here at HOME is to talk to people involved with Mode past and present, and offer their unique perspectives on things. Well we have another one lined up, and it’s a good one! Home are delighted to announce that Alan Wilder has agreed to do an exclusive Q&A for us!

But rather than just having us HOME peeps do the Q’s and Alan doing the A’s - it will be YOU guys doing the Q’s! Alan will, of course, still do tha A’s!

Submit your questions to us via the forum (you need to be registered and logged in), and we will forward the best of the bunch to Alan. You have until February 10th to get your questions in! And make them good! Try and avoid stuff that was already covered on the Shunt site Q&As. Make them new, cutting edge and fresh.

If all goes according to plan, your interview with Alan Wilder will be on the site on February 25th - the same day the new Recoil CD single is due to ship.


01 фев Пт, 2008 16:37:48 pm 31
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