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 Алан приступает к записи нового альбома Recoil 
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Сообщение Алан приступает к записи нового альбома Recoil
Алан приступает к записи нового альбома Recoil

5 years after Alan Wilder's last solo album, the highly acclaimed "Liquid" CD released under the Recoil moniker in March 2000, the former Depeche Mode member has confirmed to Side-Line that he will start up his studiowork again this year. The very last material by the hand of Alan Wilder was the additional production on Paul Kendall’s "Capture" album (namely on the track "Coma Idyllique", see our interview with Paul Kendall) out on 0101 records under the name of The Digital Intervention. As our last interview with Alan Wilder in March 2004 shows, Wilder - who is responsible for the captivating sound on a string of Depeche Mode hits - has been enjoying the past few years spending time with his family and taking a break from the music business. Wilder: "I've been enjoying all the things I never seemed to have time for when I was in the studio. They include travelling, re-kindling relationships with other members of the Wilder family, spending time with my kids and helping with their upbringing, spending time with Hep and taking her out occasionally, building a new glass courtyard, entertaining friends, playing tennis, walking, watching cricket, decorating, and drinking Campari while enjoying the best English summer we've had for a century." Wilder plans to start work again this autumn. The Recoil website Shunt will feature information regarding forthcoming releases etc on due time. In the meantime, Dave Gahan confirmed our colleagues from D-Side that Alan Wilder wants to rework several songs from Depeche Mode, in particular titles from "Songs of faith and devotion" and "Violator", in the light of new technology such as suround sound and 5.1 mix sound. It adds up to what we reported a few months ago, namingly that Mute has plans to reissue the band's back catalogue with "101" being a first test.

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http://www.side-line.com/news_comments. ... 62_0_2_0_C

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One evolution
One creation

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Сразу прочитав я понел что ни чего не понял

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неужели дело сдвинулось с мертвой точки!

10 окт Пн, 2005 16:47:10 pm 282
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Хорошая новость, для любителей творчечтва Алана собственно...
Меня порадовало то, что он будет хоть как то связыватся с ДМ снова.. :roll:

15 мар Ср, 2006 14:24:13 pm 73
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6/6/6: Update - Alan returns to the studio. Shunt website redesign.

Alan is currently in his Thin Line studio working on new Recoil material. The project is progressing well although it is unlikely that a release date will be announced this year.


Wanted to feel the joy

21 июн Ср, 2006 15:58:41 pm 171
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