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 Новое Видео Depeche Mode 2011 
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Сообщение Новое Видео Depeche Mode 2011
Depeche Mode is shooting a new clip at Pilsen
10th March 2011 7:39
One of the biggest hits of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus will have a new look. The famous British group decided to shoot him in the shot and Rabštejn Manětín in Pilsen. The plot of the movie will take place in the Middle Ages and its main character is a witch who should be first tortured, then tried before a tribunal and the crowd finally toppled from a bridge into a river.
Disappointing for fans of the Czech Depeche Mode, however, that the band members themselves will not be shooting the video.Most of the actors who filmed the clip, they are Americans. A representative of a priest, one of the two main roles, but Czech-American.
"Until today I did not even know who Depeche Mode are," he said Manětínská in the park. He was stylishly dressed in priestly robes with a white cravat Renaissance.
Most filmmakers just liked the medieval bridge in the smallest town in Central Europe, Rabštejn the missile.
"We are pleased with it. Rabstejn chosen because of our bridge. They found it is on the Internet. That we liked them so much that he decided for him," said Ondřej Faber, Chairman of the Committee Osadního Rabstejn the missile.American filmmakers were absolutely fascinated when they first passed over a bridge in Rabštejn. "They did not want to believe that it is over 600 years old. They claimed that they have the old building," said Mayor Joseph Gilbert Manetin Matuska.
He said producers approached the city until last week."It's very hectic. The plans, they change from day to day, it's a movie," says Fábera with the fact that it was to begin filming in Rabštejn already on Wednesday, but eventually it away and get shot at just Manětín.
The shooting stops and the traffic Žihle
The filmmakers spend several days in the county. The staff should be accommodated throughout the Rabštejn A shot of where it should be shooting mostly at night."Shooting is really difficult - on the bridge and its surroundings will overnight become a crane and ramp lighting, staff will count about 90 people and more than 20 vehicles," said the website of Faber and added that because it will be up to 12 each March 18 to 6 am, stopped all traffic towards the Žihle.
Winding be even Plasy monastery. Under the bridge will be a heated pool and a river boat will sail. Is also planned for various sound and lighting in the square, then grow up to operating two large tents.
On Wednesday, the filmmakers worked in the farming area Manetin castle, where they shot footage of a popular witch trial court.
Under the original plan was to shoot in the region also torture. In consideration therefore, arrived at the monastery Plasy. Producers no longer have to look at him, but eventually to spin there probably will not.
The new video should be done according Fáber about a month. Rabstejn the bullet which has currently 21 permanent residents, will shoot the scene again this year. Fábera details yet but wanted to publish.

http://translate.google.cz/translate?js ... -zpravy_pp

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Сообщение Re: Новое Видео Depeche Mode 2011
Перевод статьи http://www.dmfan.ru/viewnews.aspx?id=974#newsbody

Российское движение фэнов Depeche Mode


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